What is Zrcadlo sportu?


If you are here, it probably means that you are interested in our project and cannot speak Czech. 
Welcome! We are happy to have you. 

Here's some basic info: 

We are a team of high-level athletes, ex-athletes, coaches and non-formal educators, who want to bring some personal development to sports and, most importantly, to the athletes and coaches. 

The goals of Mirror of Sport (in Czech Zrcadlo sportu) are:
  • To promote reflection of experiences in high-level sport not only with regards to  increasing performance but with a focus on personal development and life-long learning
  • To improve communication in the sports clubs, between the athletes, coaches, parents and others
  • To support the athletes in creating self-awareness and realizing what they want and need
  • To help sports people understand what they learn from sports and how they can use it in their daily life and career after sports

We do this by: 

  • creating a podcast where we interview athletes, coaches, parents about their experience with sports and - most importantly - what did they learn and how they used it in their lives 
  • organizing open workshops with athletes and our trainers on different topics 
  • organizing specific workshops for clubs to help them improve communication, better teamwork and motivation, build on experiences and support the successful transition of the athletes ending their competitive sports career 
  • talking with athletes, coaches, parents, teachers and other stakeholders about the project and its aims (and clearing out misinterpretations)

In our workshops, we use a combination of different non-formal education methods, team builing games with debriefing and the ways and intentions of the Way of Council

The workshops are prepared by our experienced facilitators and trainers Luci and Pája with the advice of even more experienced mentor Eva and feedback and support from the rest of the team. 

Every time we speak with athletes, coaches or parents, it becomes obvious how important this project is AND how difficult it will be to change anything in sports. 

Luckily, we are athletes. We are not afraid of hard work, we thrive in it. If we don't succeed, we learn and we fail forward.  

At this moment, the Mirror of Sport is supported by the European Solidarity Corps as a Solidarity project (due to end in July 2020), but we see this as a long-term initiative

We will be re-applying again in April and are always looking for ways to expand the team and the project, having in mind its overreaching goals. 

For example, in the future, we are planning a KA1, KA2 and other international projects. And we have many ideas about how to stir the stale sports waters in Czechia, too. 

If you are interested in cooperating with us, just send us an e-mail, or message us on Facebook or Instagram and let's talk!  

Thank you for your interest!